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“I am having a great experience and very pleased with my stay.  The therapists are excellent!  All around, excellent!”

—R.T., patient at Signature HealthCARE of Cherokee Park


“This is a fantastic facility, therapy and everything, and things they do really make a difference. I will only come here for rehab after being in hospital, because I like it so much.”

— R. H. patient at Signature HealthCARE of Cherokee Park

” I’m having surgery on my other hip soon, and I’d like to come back here again for my therapy because the therapists have done such a good job.”

R.C., patient at Signature HealthCARE of Cherokee Park

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A resident from Signature HealthCARE of Cherokee Park was the lucky winner of tickets to last weekend’s ‘Battle of the Bluegrass’ in Lexington!

Signature held drawings for tickets to the game, for both residents and employees. Employees were able to purchase chances to win tickets to the game as part of a raffle for the Compassion Fund, a nonprofit organization operated by Signature that benefits employees and other community members in need.

SHC of Cherokee Park QOL Director Jaime Larimore said resident Barbara Wexler was so excited when she got word she had won the tickets that she hit the call light button to notify the staff.

“We had a wonderful day,” Larimore said. “It was both our first time going to a UK/U of L game. What a fantastic way to get up close and personal with tradition and rich Kentucky culture. Barbara Wexler and myself want to thank Signature HealthCARE for providing such an exciting opportunity.”

Five Signature HealthCARE centers recently visited the Kentucky State Fair. SHC of East Louisville, South Louisville, Cherokee Park, Trimble County and Spencer County all attended – about 50 residents and staff members in total. We had a great time, ate good food and saw the most amazing exhibits of quilts and cakes.

We all met up in the South wing at the Food Court for lunch and took the group pictures there. Our Elders were very excited about eating the ‘bad’ food, like hot dogs, steak sandwiches and cotton candy. We spent a lot of time looking at the handmade items – especially the quilts. We saw a few cows and sheep, and tasted samples of the country ham and sorghum.

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THANK you for the amazing Progressive Dinner last night. Above you will see a picture of a team of A PLAYERS that I’m so blessed to work with at SHC! I was in awe of the entire experience! You were an amazing team that I’m so proud to work with at SHC. To help prepare the food, we tapped Mike Jewellson, who was simply amazing and represented Cherokee Park in an amazing way.

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Rabbi Robert B. Slosberg, of the Congregation Adath Jeshurun, recently wrote this column about the newly-renovated Signature HealthCARE of Cherokee Park.

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Signature HealthCARE of Cherokee Park (formerly Four Courts at Cherokee Park) last week held an open house to celebrate the nursing and rehab center’s recent renovation and the grand opening of its Excelerated CARE unit.

The unit is designed to meet the needs of short-term patients with plans to return to their own homes. Because they have distinctly different needs and schedules, long-term residents live separately in the building’s Linker Unit.

Glenn Knight, Executive Director for the St. Matthews Area Chamber of Commerce, attended to celebrate the opening of the unit with a formal ribbon cutting. Signature President and CEO Joe Steier welcomed guests and kicked off the celebration.

Food was prepared by SHC of Cherokee Park staff, and attendees enjoyed a tour of the center.

“It was a fantastic night,” said SHC of Cherokee Park Administrator Nicolle Meade. “This was a great opportunity to showcase not only the beauty of the facility, but also the clinical footprint we are making in the medical community. We work to offer a one-of-a-kind customer experience, caring for body, mind and spirit.”

We were proud to celebrate with our small but cherished community of Jewish residents and their families the Seder which begins Passover. The Seder follows a service outlined in a Jewish text called the Haggadah, which recounts the Exodus from Egypt, with vibrant scenes of plagues, enslavement, and Moses parting the Red Sea.

During the Seder, as different parts of the story are told, different foods are eaten from the Seder plate, such as maror (“bitter herbs” for slavery), and charoset (sweet apple-nut paste representing the “mortar” of the bricks), each food symbolizing a different element of the story. The most iconic of these foods is the Matzo, which is flat, unleavened bread, symbolizing the speed with which the slaves had to leave Egypt; thus, no time for bread to rise. In the Haggadah this bread is referred to as the “bread of affliction.”

While most Jewish ceremonies take place in a synagogue, Seder is traditionally a family gathering at home. Here at the recently-renovated Signature Healthcare of Cherokee Park, by request of our residents and their families, we celebrate two nights of Seder with a splendid meal each night. The first night is a gathering in their home and the second as a community gathering at their Synagogue, the Behr Chapel, which is located within Signature Healthcare of Cherokee Park.

This year it was decided to have a family facilitated Seder. Ms. Sheila Schwartz, whose mother Evelyn Feingold resides at Signature Healthcare of Cherokee Park, spearheaded the organizing of the Seders with direct support from Director of Spirituality Craig Cantrall and Quality of Life Director Jaime Larimore. Additionally, no Seder would be complete without a sumptuous meal and those culinary delights were provided by Mike Jewellson, Eunice Thompson and their fine team.

We had nineteen residents and family members at each Seder. The first night was facilitated by Deb Amchin of Keneseth Israel. The second night was facilitated by Alex Rosenberg and his son, Noah, of Temple Shalom.

Other family members and residents were encouraged to actively participate. Dr. Jason Greenburg (son-in-law of Isadore “Izzy” Eisenwasser) and Bruce Miller (son of resident Barbara Miller) capped off the celebration by facilitating the last portion of the Seder after the meal on the second night. Additionally, resident Ruth Nelson provided a reading one night and sang a song in Hebrew to close the meal on the second night.

Feedback from family members and residents was very positive. They enjoyed the Seder and being able to participate. Several were ecstatic about the meals, especially the brisket which they promptly shared with leader of our dietary team, Michael Jewellson. Overall it was felt to be a memorable experience.

“We were honored and touched by each family that helped make the Seders possible. And it was a special privilege to experience residents like Ruth Nelson giving of herself and sharing during the Seder.” ~ Director of Spirituality Craig Cantrall

“It was really a great time.” ~ Selina Ferguson daughter of resident Isadore “Izzy” Eisenwasser.

“It (the Seder) was really good, and the brisket was something else!” ~ Jesse Dunn, though not Jewish has had strong ties to the Jewish community throughout her life.

“Enjoyed it (the Seder) very much.” ~ Ruth Nelson, who went to Hebrew School where she learned how to perform the Seder.

“You know I grew up Orthodox? But everything was good.” ~ Louis Getzel, retired Pharmacist.

“My son thought it was fantastic! It was so wonderful; tables set so families could sit together with flowers on every table, and not only a real Seder plate but everyone had a plate with the elements on it. It was like having Seder at home.” ~ Resident Barbara Miller.

“It was such a wonderful Seder. These Seders were filled with years of traditions. Each family had a tradition that was shared with the families that were here with Matzah each day.” Sheila Schwartz daughter of resident Evelyn Feingold