Blessing of the Hands

In honor of National Nurses’ Week and National Nursing Home Week the Chaplains from the Signature HealthCare Center’s at Cherokee Park, East Louisville, South Louisville, Glenview, Spencer County and Trimble County gathered together on Friday May 9th to circuit ride to each of these centers as a team with the purpose of honoring those who serve with the Blessing of the Hands service.  The center piece of this brief but power filled ceremony is the anointing of the hands of the participants to honor and to bless those hands for continued service; “May the work of these hands bring peace, comfort and healing to all whom they serve.”  According to feedback for those who participate in the Blessing of the Hands ceremony, this tradition of going as a team to serve both blesses those whom receive and the chaplains who serve.  We look forward to serving everyone next year!  Please enjoy pictures from the ceremony at Cherokee Park…

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Guided Imagery Resources

Guided Imagery is a non-pharmacological pain intervention program that uses kinesthetic imagery as a means to moderate pain. It is defined as: The deliberate creation of sensory images in a state of relaxed but very focused concentration in order to create positive physical and emotional changes in the mind body system.  It is an attentional focus on a narrow band of perceptions. (B. Naperstek, ‘Staying well with guided imagery’, 1995).

For a series of podcasts on guided imagery, visit Kaiser Permanente online.

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SHC of Cherokee Park partners with Jewish Family & Career Services to celebrate Rosh Hashanah

Signature HealthCARE partnered with the Jewish Family & Career Services to celebrate Rosh Hashanah with a ‘Sweet New Year Tea Party.’

“Having inter-generational activities for our patients helps to brighten their day,” said Rev. Craig Cantrall, Director of Spirituality at SHC of Cherokee Park. “We are pleased to be partners with JFCS, and to work with Kim Toebbe regularly.”

For more info and photos from the party, visit the JFCS blog.